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How to Prepare for a Day of Successful Wedding Photos

July 17, 2023


You’ve read so many blogs. From blogs that talk about planning your engagement session outfit to creating Pinterest worthy images. You’ve read about what to do the night before and how to prepare for the big day. There are truly so many helpful tips, check out some of ours here. But today I wanted to get even more specific! Let’s talk wedding day photos. Have no fear, I’ll be there to help create your timeline and capture the moments throughout your day, but here are some little tips you can use to make a big difference on your big day.

1. Have a Dress Rehearsal 

“You’ll only wear your wedding dress once!!”. I’d like to be the first to say FALSE and here’s why. You should absolutely be wearing it more than that… do you know how long it takes to get on? Does your Maid of Honor know how to bustle your dress? I really encourage you to have a full dress rehearsal before your wedding day. First, figure out who will be helping you actually get into your dress on your wedding day. See if they’d be willing to help you practice, because trust me you’d be so surprised to hear how many brides haven’t tried on their dress in months and start running behind because no one knows how to button the buttons and zippers won’t zip. 

Get together before your wedding day and do the whole shebang. You should truly try it ALL before you’re in full hair and makeup and running behind for photos. Figure out which undergarments work best, have your friend or mom help you actually get into the dress and lace, zip, or button it up. Walk around in it and sit down. Then have your helper bustle you fully as well! The intricacies of wedding dresses are often overlooked and you will feel so much relief on your wedding day when you know exactly how your dress will fit, move, and bustle. On the day of the wedding, I also suggest setting aside 45 minutes to actually get your dress on! 

2. Practice, Prepare, & Plan

Another great way to gear up for a day of successful wedding photos is to be prepared right from the start! When I arrive at a wedding, one of the first things I do is gather up your details for photos. The easiest way to prep for this? Place all of your items together and make sure your bridal party knows about it. Instead of scrambling to find your perfume bottle and hunting down your groom to borrow his tie, I can easily grab the details and get to work without having to bother you! You may want to include items like jewelry, wedding shoes, invitation suites, ring boxes, etc. For your finance, maybe a tie, shoes, jewelry, etc.

3. You’re allowed to relax… like really. 

It can be hard to set aside relaxation time on your wedding day, especially when you’re creating your timeline. So often couples think that they will be moving quicker on their wedding day than they actually do. From someone who has attended her fair share of weddings, know that it’s okay to slow down and make time to relax! 

“But Darian, that has nothing to do with capturing successful photos…?” Oh, but it does! I recommend, in the hour before your ceremony, not taking photos. Yep, you read that correctly! Take that hour. Go back to your bridal suite or hide away with your spouse! You can touch up your hair and makeup, grab some food, or even just go to the restroom. It’s so stressful on couples when the ceremony time is creeping up, we’re taking photos, and guests start arriving (because they always will!). The last thing we want is to pull you away from photos and lose any shooting time. Give yourself the time to grab a drink, check your lipstick, and take a little break from smiling for the camera before the ceremony. You’ll feel prepared and ready for photos after the “I Dos”, which is an easy way to create successful wedding photos. 

Those are some of my more niche tips, but I guarantee they will have a huge impact on the feel and flow of your wedding day! 


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