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My Favorite Wedding Venues | Georgia

August 1, 2023


Buckle up, because today’s blog is a good one! I am so excited to talk about my favorite wedding venues in Georgia! Each location has it’s own dynamic, it’s own environment, and it’s own experience. I adore each of these for such different reasons and LOVE watching my brides fall in love with the place that is just perfect for their big day. I could talk about all of the breathtaking venues I’ve been lucky enough to explore all day long, but these are just a few of the places that hold a special place in my photographer heart. In no particular order, let’s dive into these venues and talk about the unique atmosphere and ambience each place has to offer.

2400 On The River 

Mountains | Rivers | Nature 

This is a hidden gem for sure! 2400 on the River holds magic, elegance, and detail across the entire property. This venue features so much unexpected creativity, it’s impossible not to feel the whimsical, stunning ambience. One of my favorite parts is the European Disney Greenhouse Suite, where the wedding party can get ready. The property is blooming with greenery while the reception area overlooks the beautiful Coosawattee River. The venue itself feels like a Southern Mountain oasis, but somehow seamlessly incorporates each unique touch. If you enjoy the mountains, but are looking for something a little different, this could be the venue for you! 

Fun Fact: The owner collects unique items and includes his findings around the property! The gazebo and light posts originated in Italy and New York, bringing along their added elegance to the entire experience.

My Favorite Wedding Venues
My Favorite Wedding Venues
My Favorite Wedding Venues

The Cloister 

Beach | Resort | Tropical 

Calling all the “beachy vibe” brides! If you’re looking for a historic venue that ties in an ocean atmosphere, look no further. The Cloister isn’t exactly on the beach, but it is near the ocean and gives off a relaxed, calm, and tropical feel that you may be hoping for in a beachfront venue. This historic, stunning hotel features countless spots to get ready, say your “I dos”, and capture the love between you and your new spouse. Now let’s be honest, it’s always a plus to have a venue that doubles as a hotel, and that’s just another benefit of The Cloister. Your family and friends can stay right on site. But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself how beautiful your wedding could be here! 

My Favorite Wedding Venues
My Favorite Wedding Venues
My Favorite Wedding Venues

R-Ranch in the Mountains
Timeless | Mountains | Modern 

Love greenery and mountain views? Then R-Ranch in the Mountains is the spot for you! I mean… it even says it in the name! The views are hard to beat, especially for those sunset portraits. Many similar “mountain range” venues offer a barn space for the reception, but I absolutely love that this venue changes things up and has a modern banquet hall for you to celebrate your new marriage. Talk about modern AND timeless, right? They offer cottages and cabins on site, a peaceful ambience, and a place that feels like home. All I can say is this venue does not disappoint!

My Favorite Wedding Venues
My Favorite Wedding Venues
Darian Reilly Photography
Darian Reilly Photography
Darian Reilly Photography
Darian Reilly Photography

I could go on and on about each of these venue locations, and plan to write blogs on each of them in the future, but for now check out these venues and let me know if you have any questions about them! If you’re looking for any professional advice from a photographer, I’m more than happy to share. You really can’t go wrong with any of the picks on this list for your wedding day! 


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