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Top 5 Ways to Get More Wedding Photos

April 10, 2023


A big question that couples typically ask me is how many photos they will receive in a wedding gallery. There is a typical industry standard to deliver around 50-100 images per hour on a wedding day. In theory, if you hired a photographer for 8 hours you could expect anywhere from 400-800 photos. Which is a pretty big range! So how do you end up with more photos on a wedding day versus less? There are a lot of factors that play into it! For example, did you have a big wedding party and have photos with each wedding party member? Was your family photo list longer than most? 

Those are the kind of standard things that can add more photos to a wedding gallery. But what about getting more photos of moments that you actually want? How can you get more candid, romantic, joyful, unique wedding photos? There are actually a few ways that you can control this and give your photographer more moments to capture! Keep reading to find out my top 5 ways to get more photos on your wedding day. 

1. Have a first look 

A sure fire way to create more images together on your wedding day, is to have a first look. Not only will you get the images from actually doing the first look, you’ll have more time for portraits together! A first look gives much more time for the two of you to have your wedding portraits taken. This means that you’ll end up with a greater variety of poses, images, and even locations. If having more photos of the two of you together is a priority for you, I highly recommend having a first look! 

2. Stick by your spouse all night 

This may seem like a silly tip, but it’s so true! During receptions, couples are actually pulled away from each other a LOT. That’s because so many people want to talk with you during your reception and before you know it, the night is ending and you feel like you barely saw your new husband or wife. So make it a point to stick by each other! If you want to go visit with people or go around to tables, do it together! Head out on the dance floor together, and overall just be conscious of where your spouse is. This is going to lead to more candid photos of the two of you together during your reception. 

3. Pull out some first dance moves 

While you don’t have to choreograph a full musical number if that isn’t your thing, adding in some extra moves to your first dance will help add more photos to your wedding gallery. There are really only so many photos of you and your partner swaying that you’re probably going to want to see. But add in a spin, dip, or lift and suddenly your first dance photos just got a lot more interesting! Like I said, don’t do anything that you aren’t comfortable with, but even practicing a spin can go a long way in terms of photos. 

4. Have fun with props 

A great way to add more photos to your wedding gallery is to have props during all exits and entrances that you do! For example, during your grand entrance, have a drink in hand so that you can do a “cheers” together or come in with confetti blasters to get the party started. Another great example would be rose petals as you walk back down the isle as husband and wife. Those are unique things that will add more action and in turn, photos, to your gallery! Think about adding something to your exit as well. You can do sparklers, confetti, or a getaway car, but adding something for guests to witness and for you and your partner to do, will definitely add more photos to your gallery. 

5. Dance together…more than once 

It’s always surprising to me how many couples do the first dance…and then don’t dance together the rest of the night! Although it shouldn’t be surprising, because refer back up to #1. You are the most popular people at your wedding, and everyone wants to talk with you! While I support talking with your guests, I also encourage you to head out on the dance floor with your partner more than once! Be aware of when the photographer is out on the dance floor, and get down together! This will make for more of those super fun party photos that you’ll love to have from your reception.  

What did you guys think about these tips? Were there any that were new to you? Let me know what other type of wedding day questions you have in the comments and I’ll make sure to answer them for you! 


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