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March 9, 2023

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Today we are going to be talking about elevating your wedding photos! To be even more specific, how YOU can help your wedding photographer elevate your wedding photos. You hired your dream photographer, selected a gorgeous dress, and are so excited to see the magic that your photographer creates! While creating magic is my unofficial job description, there are a few things that you can do as the bride or groom to help me elevate your wedding photos even more.

Like me, you have probably spent countless hours combing through wedding TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. The photos that typically catch our eye are the ones that just seem to have that extra *oomph*, yaknow? But what makes them have it? Lucky for you, you are reading this blog and are about to unlock some wedding industry secrets to getting that added *oomph* for your own wedding photos! 

1. It’s all in the details 

Starting out with your detail photos! This is a prime way to elevate your wedding photos with simple touches. For example, ask your florist if they are able to leave a few buds out for your photographer to use. Bring velvet or satin ribbon in your wedding colors, and have a nice hanger for your dress to hang on! If you have a special ring box or pretty details like vintage stamps, wax seals, or trinket dishes, bring those along too. While these aren’t necessities for a wedding day, they are touches that you can do to really make your wedding photos have some extra magic! I always carry a little detail kit with me with some of the essentials. Bringing your own guarantees your details will be unique to you!

2. Lighting and location 

Wedding photographers are always thinking about lighting and location when it comes to your wedding photos. Where the light is coming from, if it’s looking natural, what the location will look like in photos, etc. If you are able to, helping your photographer with lighting and location will elevate your wedding photos! Let me explain. If you have the choice between getting ready in two areas that are similar in budget, and one has more windows which will give more natural light, pick the one with more windows! Same with locations. If you’re open to getting an Airbnb to get ready in that has a pretty neutral background versus a darker hotel room, I’m going to encourage you to go with the Airbnb!

I want to make sure you know that as photographers, it is our job to work with any type of lighting or location that you have selected for your wedding day. These are just some things that may be helpful to think about when making decisions in terms of elevating your wedding photos! 

3. Be open to suggestions 

This is a totally free and ultimate way to elevate your wedding photos; trust your photographer. You hired them because you love their work! So on your wedding day, be open to suggestions from your photographer. If they suggest taking photos in a spot you may not have thought of, trust them! Because as I mentioned above, they’re probably seeing an amazing lighting or location opportunity. Your photographer will see parts of your day that you won’t, simply because they have a different eye and are working to document your day. Any suggestions that they may give whether it’s taking photos at a certain time, moving locations, or trying new poses, I encourage you to trust them. The ultimate way to help your photographer elevate your photos, is giving them the creative freedom and your trust! 

What do you think? Is there anything else you’d want to hear about from a wedding photographer? Especially when it comes to elevating a certain part of your wedding photos? Let me know in the comments and I’m happy to answer them! 

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